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I Will Keep Us

For Keeps book 2

Who could have predicted the best thing I brought back from Moscow was Niki? Now six-years-old, he’s starting to ask questions, and I’m answering. There is nothing to be ashamed of, the love we shared, gave me my son. I had to go, my studies were over, and his duty to ‘state and country’ called. Will his anger blind him from loving our son? Or will all my dreams come true?


Duty finished; I joined my brothers in the United States. Now that I’m settled in, it’s time to find Sissy, the one I let get away. Memories of the time we spent together in Moscow is the only thing that kept me alive during the long lonely years. Here’s hoping she remembers me. All I know is, walking out the door for duty to ‘state and country’ all those years ago, was the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

This was a sweet, but steamy romance with wonderful characters. I enjoyed the story and hope to see a longer version in the future.

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