I Will Keep You

For Keeps book 3

I’ve finally done it, I’m a full-time artist. But my old boss is making things difficult. I’m not going to let him stop me, no matter what. And neither is the sexy deputy whose hard chest I fall face first into. Those gorgeous eyes blaze with anger when I refuse to press charges. And are flooded with passion when he throws me over his shoulder and carries me away.

My brothers have found their ‘one’; as if such a thing exists. Their words fall on deaf ears. Then she’s shoved into my chest, I can’t believe this feisty, wonderfully rounded woman is stroking my fires. There are too many out there to love, why would I zero in on one lady? But what a lady, young, vibrant and willing to go toe to toe with me. Maybe there’s something to what my brothers have been threatening.

I really enjoyed the light, but lustful romance of these characters. Great short stories and can't wait to see longer versions in the future. Very enjoyable reads!!

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Opal Iden is a writer with a love of happily ever after. Leaning towards contemporary and historical romance and mysteries, Opal has authored and self-published 3 contemporary romance short stories.

After two decades of working in the Information Technology industry, she launched her career in writing in 2017.

Opal can also be seen writing more shifter, science fiction, and fantasy happily ever after under the name Joelle Izack. Find out more about this author at